Trucking Jobs & CDL Training Info - What You Need to Know to Become a Truck Driver

Whether you are planning to make truck driving your career or considering a change in trucking jobs, Career Trucker can help you find a truck driving job you'll love, as well as the right CDL (Commercial Drivers License) training school for you. As you consider your future in trucking, Career Trucker will help you ask the right questions that lead to the best truck training and best trucking jobs. Questions like: What should I look for in a CDL school? What kinds of trucking jobs are available to someone with a CDL license? and, How can I find the right job for my lifestyle?

The state of the trucking industry today and in the future

Truck driving jobs are going to remain in the United States unlike many other jobs that can be outsourced to other countries. More importantly, the trucking industry is actively seeking drivers and is ready to hire. The trucking industry is actively entering a period in which more drivers are needed to move freight. Driving jobs are available now and predicted to be in high demand far into the future. This year alone, the truck driving industry is expecting a shortage of 200,000 drivers. In 2012, the shortage is predicted to reach 400,000 drivers.

There will always be a need to move freight and consequently a need for professional truck drivers to move that freight. Over the years, a common misconception has developed that the industry is old fashioned and stuck in the past. That impression couldn't be further from the truth. Heres why:

What if the trucks don't move?

When you call Career Trucker, finding the perfect job match becomes easy!

We'll help you find the right truck driving school and truck driver training. After that, the truck driving job you have been dreaming of will be right around the corner!

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